FFFFFF is a 3 person art collaboration (Hayden Prujean, Yvonne Urry and Edwina Stevens) that exhibited during 2009-2012 on various installation projects, live sound performances and video projects.

2010 - None Gallery - Library of Babel (multi projection scrolling text work, nonsense text scrolls upwards from floor to ceiling, false wall installed in gallery - FFFFFF perform live soundtrack to the scrolling text from behind the wall, speaker are fed into the space that are bolted to the ground to pass transducive sound through the drivers and vibrate the floor - ambient sound could be heard from behind the wall in the space.

2011 - Blue Oyster Project Space - Introduced Birds
Gallery Text : "Introduced Birds is an exhibition by the artist collective ffffff involving a series of interlinked environments that conjure up a nervous tension and feeling of barren isolation. Visitors become performers are as they move through three minimalist environments, activating the space with movement and sound. Their psychological terrains tap into an undercurrent of individual alienation and anxiety symptomatic of the mechanisms of modern socialisation. A large, dark, faceted form, reminiscent of a shelter or bunker, inhabits the first space. It is has been constructed from triangles cut out of vinyl records. The original record labels, with obsolete band names and forgotten song titles remain fully legible. These discarded efforts and ambitions, now relegated to a discarded medium, have been transformed into a feeble barrier for anything that might seek shelter there. Adjacent to this form, a dislocated arm from record player sits alone; beckoning. A simple touch to the pointed tip of the stylus sends out a rolling thunderous bass tone from below the mound of fractured records; layering further tension into the space. Situated further into the gallery are a cluster of hollow geometric forms, which blend into the white gallery walls and mimic the odd angles of the space. Audience members can crawl into these structures, whose dark interiors quickly close in around them. These minimal isolation chambers can be simultaneously contemplative and claustrophobic, offering an introspective experience and the opportunity to contemplate the social forces at work behind our every action. Walking into the final space, each footstep falls with a crunch onto a large mound of dirt. The soil that makes up this heap has been collected from schools and now defunct children's homes and ritualistically deposited in the space at the exhibition opening. Photographs of the soil source locations line the walls at kneeling height, thus completing this archeology into New Zealand's historical structures of socialisation."

2012 - Guangzhou - Artists interview project (interviewing multiple Chinese artists mainly based around Guangzhou to create connection and bring back artists from GZ to exhibit at Russian Frost Farmers Gallery, Wellington)