An interactive dance and performance project by Val Smith. The event happened underground in central Dunedin city. Different areas of the space were designated to different artists. I had the boiler room crawl space in the wall. Its metal resonant qualities worked well with the harmonic bass drones I was producing. People could walk in through a door, walk past me, and into the crawl space and sit amongst the speakers.


“This Cloud Is experimented with the proposition of queering space through somatic practice, performance, sound, mapping, light, moving image and cardboard structures.

In collaboration with local performers, artists, and community participants, the performance installation event This Cloud Is featured eleven stations that invited attendees into intimate queer encounters. Stations were designed by project participants in conversation with myself as event curator. Additionally, sound artist Eves returned to Otepoti from Melbourne to perform live inside the Under Market’s defunct gas heating chamber (which was really awesome). Our starting point for creating these encounters, and the cardboard structures which housed these encounters, was a shared studio process that focused on the experience of touch, listening through touch, holding, and other textures of connection. We also experimented with our embodied relationship to the space itself as an alive environment, and collaborator in the art and art making process.”