Sound work and photos featured on Spotlight: Audible Women - ABC Radio National. (2018)
"Audible Women is open to women who make sound—sound art, radiophonics, electronics, noise and music with an exploratory agenda. It was started by sound artist, curator and writer Gail Priest in response to a lack of visibility and audibility of female artists, with the hope that this underground movement will eventually feed into the mainstream."
"Eves (also known as Edwina Stevens) is a New Zealand-born artists currently based in Melbourne. This piece is the aural memory of her three-month stay in Coyoacan, Mexico City 2018. It’s made from field recordings of her various wanderings, listening to the noises of this new place. She says she that while it was very noisy, it wasn’t populated with the usual city sounds but rather “constant melodies, people singing, church bells, birds in parks."

Spending 3 months in Mexico City (Coyoacan) and 2 weeks in Oaxaca (Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Oaxaca working with 2 local artists on their sound and ceramic installation) listening and recording where and when I could. The soundscape was so different to what I was accustomed to, each day punctuated with a clockwork storm at 4pm, the sounds of bells, street carts, music at all hours, horns, recordings, birds and dogs.
My apartment would flood from the downpours, got chased by an iguana (Iguanas symbolise the human condition, change, acute awareness, deep contemplation and expectations) and was left behind by the bus at Teotihuacan.

Oaxaca from eves on Vimeo.