Lines of Flight 2019 - Otepoti, Aotearoa

Jen Tait and myself collaborate in a guitar and drums noise duo called ‘Torrential Brain’. This project has been going since 2018. We were invited and funded to travel to Aotearoa to play as part of a well-known 3 days experiemental noise festival called ‘Lines of Flight’ which has been running for nearly 20 years. It was an honor and a privlege to get a to play alongside bands with members of The Dead C, Handful of Dust and many other wellknown New Zealand experimental sound and visual artists. The show was held in the Pioneer Hall in Port Chalmers, one of the oldest ports in New Zealand. Returning to my hometown to be able to play in such a festival was extremely rewarding and humbling. /
”instrumental explosive relentless perpetual rhythm and howling. Jen Tait and Ede Eves perform short bursting improvised noise sets attacking space with percusssssonance; the room, audience, amp = instruments as much as the guitar and drums.”

The much-loved Lines of Flight festival returns to Dunedin in March 2019. First held in 2000 in conjunction with the first Dunedin Fringe Festival and including a 2012 one-off in post-quake Christchurch, the biennial festival of experimental music will be celebrating its eleventh season.”

“Dunedin’s long-running celebration of experimental music, noise and outward sounds Lines of Flight have unveiled their senses-expanding first lineup of artists to appear at the biennial festival in 2019. International and local artists converging upon the multi-night affair include Melbourne groups Torrential Brain and Is There A Hotline?, legendary local free noise supergroup A Handful of Dust, Wellington turntable virtuoso Alphabethead (of The All Seeing Hand), Michael Morley’s solo project Gate, Gorge (featuring Bek Coogan of Cortina) and a whole lot more. Scope out the info revealed so far here...